Target More Advertising, a Google AdWords certified agency, assists in the immediate disclosure of your business through ads that appear when people search for a particular product or service. We create and manage Google ad campaigns, also known as Sponsored Links, so that they appear in strategic positions on Google results pages and enable your company to achieve more assertive results in a short time.


Social networks are a tool of great importance to promote your business and strengthen your brand. To do this, we have developed a strategic plan for creating and advertising ads on social networks focused on target audience segmentation, making your campaign impact the right people.


Landing Pages or Landing Pages are intended to prompt the user to perform an action, such as: filling out a registration, downloading an e-book or making a direct purchase of a product. That's why we create strategic landing pages to increase the potential of your brand and, consequently, the sales of your products or services.


Content on the internet is one of the most effective attraction tools for brand or product disclosure. That's why Target More Advertising invests in producing relevant content to improve your site's authority vis-à-vis Google, as well as boosting trust in your brand and retaining your audience.


Email marketing is a powerful communication tool for businesses that want to maintain a relationship with their customer base. We plan, create, send and monitor newsletters, evaluating the most strategic days and times for the firing of marketing emails.


Having a well-structured lead management strategy can significantly improve the number of new business generation. Target Advertising Plus creates campaigns for qualified lead capture and also provides a unique tool for you to receive, track and manage leads that arrive via email, phone or chat, increasing the chances of your company selling even more.


Our SEO service, also called Site Optimization, aims to improve the positioning of your site so that it is found by search engines like Google and Bing. How do we do it? We've created a detailed content-focused action plan to increase the visibility and organic traffic of your site.


Automating your brand or product marketing is extremely important to strengthen your customer relationship and loyalty to your audience as it makes your leads experience increasingly efficient and optimizes your time by automating the relationship with your customer. We plan a strategy for actions that create a close relationship with your target audience, such as: nurturing the brand-consumer relationship, offering special promotions, giveaways or bonuses, conducting customer satisfaction surveys, and principally tracking and educating the lead along the funnel to prepare you for the purchase.


To attract new customers you need to get them to engage with your brand. Target More Advertising invests in the Inbound Marketing methodology to win qualified leads in order to leverage its business. But how is this done? We create marketing strategies focused on relationship to attract, convert and transform your future client into a loyal consumer.

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